If ever a place was perfect to give away promotional products it is at a trade show. The reason is simple, everyone there is either trying to sell something similar to what you are there for, or looking to buy what you have, and what better way to make sure people think about you as a great way to get what they need then giving them a reminder of your business or service. The question is not if you should give away promotional products at a trade show, but really what kind of products you should give away.

Determining the Reason
When thinking about what you want to hand out at a tradeshow it is important to think about the reason for a tradeshow. A tradeshow is designed to help everyone involved in trading a particular kind of thing ranging from vehicles to games, and tend to have educational seminars, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and of course customers all thrown into one space and all looking to get as much as they can out of the tradeshow. Given this environment it would seem as if giving away a promotional product would be almost the proverbial drop in the bucket. To a degree this is true, however, if you approach the atmosphere correctly and you are wanting to make an impact that will yield results, the only real choice you have is to give away promotional products.

Deciding What to Give Away
So now that the obvious choice is to give away promotional products the decision comes down to what to give. Most of the time this decision is somewhat difficult as you want to balance your goal with your resources. Things are much different at a trade show. Here the point is to get your name out as often and as effectively as possible. How to do this is a matter of finding what is most likely to get your name out in a lasting fashion.

While this may seem a tough thing to figure out it really isn’t. In order to get your name out and for people to remember it, the first thing that has to happen is that they have to see it. The second thing that has to happen is they have to remember it. Promotional products of almost any kind are ideal for this, however, because of the size of a trade show it is important to have as many products as you can afford because you want to get them out to everyone. Another point to remember is that you want your promotional product to have the name of your company and the name of its website if possible. This is because a lot of people who attend trade shows are not always from the area, and this means that you have an excellent opportunity to make some long distance contacts.

Determining Which Product is Best
Now that the purpose of the product has been determined, it is time to give thought to exactly what kind of promotional product would work best. Ideally it will be small, no larger than your hand. The reason is because you want to have a lot of them available, and also because if it is something small and easy to carry, more people are likely to keep it through the end of the trade show. Next you want it to be something that carries your name and website (if you have one). The reason for this has already been discussed. Finally you want it to be something people will keep, because if they don’t keep it than it is unlikely they will remember you at all. Since the purpose at a trade show is to get your name out, then this would be tantamount to disaster.

Given the requirements, what is something that can match all of these? The first thing that springs to mind is a business card, the problem with a business card is that everyone is giving them out and yours is sure to get lost in the shuffle. Instead of a business card, how about a business card holder? These come in small sizes, are something that you can put your company name on, and is something people are likely to use. While this is only one suggestion, it should give you and idea to get the ball rolling.